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Mar 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
president joe biden and families from new town, connecticut to discuss the need of commons as federal gun laws. >> we have a chance was to quick listen. >> 86% of voters approve such background checks and polls in a national cross- section of 21 states. >> that is in line with other recent polls that have found that more than 90 percent of americans support background checks for all gun buyers. >> the republican has found that 82 percent of gun owners including 74% of national rifle association members support requiring criminal background checks for anyone purchasing a gun. >> there is no real debate among the american people. around the country americans understand requiring a background check for every gun sell is just good common sense. >> in some states they're taking action including new york banks to the governor cuomo and colorado who as in such terrible mass murders. >> in connecticut the governor has proposed that legislators have a minority to work on firearm gun laws. >> limiting the size of high-capacity magazines and strengthening anti trafficking measures. >> newtown, conn.
Mar 14, 2013 7:00am PDT
claims of corruption. but as president joe biden is headed to rome. mr. biden will lead the u.s. delegation when pope france's is officially installed as pope. no official date for installation yet the vatican says it will likely happen next tuesday. biden is the first catholic to be elected a vice president. >> new this morning, the chp is investigating an early morning accident in milpitas. and happened in the 4:00 hour on jacqueline road near the 680 on ramp. and on march police car was hit from behind by suvs. the driver of sgb was injured and taken to hospital. it is not known yet at the driver will face charges for the incident. initial investigation shows that the driver did not intentionally run into the police officers. the police officers thankfully were not hurt in the accident. >> the man wanted in connection with an indecent exposure case in menlo park may have struck again. police are releasing the thick of this composite sketch. this man alongside the three elementary school girls on monday morning on that, nor ave when they were walking to class. when the astros
Mar 19, 2013 7:00am PDT
intendant including vice president joe biden led the u.s. delegation. france's assumes his role in one of the busiest in holy times on the catholic calendar. next sunday is palm sunday easter falls one week later. >> i am elisabeth corridan reporting. >> back here in the bay area the superbowl of becoming to santa clara and 2016 if all goes well. before the possibility the nfl is already demanding things of the bay area. will tran joins us live from santa clara. >> what exactly are they looking for well? >> if they are looking for free things. these are billionaires' and they want three things to make it happen. that is what the city of santa clara will fall on tonight. the question is where there will the visible role there which will decide on may 22nd. here is video of the recent brawl. the 49ers were in new orleans. >> how big is for the host city to have it? you get the prestige. >> the bay area is fighting for. it plus $300 million in local economy. it is a big thing. what is santa clara prepared to do? the nfl wants them to wait parking fees. something as simple as $5. they did not
Mar 18, 2013 7:00am PDT
, including vice president joe biden and new york governor andrew of iuomo . but also this is hillary clinton has publicly announced his support for same-sex marriage. >> a fight an album released a stabbing in sidebar overnight. kron 4 the will tran is live from the scene along the 2400 block of central avenue with details. >> here it is believed six people were involved in the fight. how it happen they do not know. it's started inside the place on to the sidewalk where two people were stabbed. one person received a cut on his head but was treated and released at the scene. >> another received a major- on his neck so badly was rushed to the hospital where did not know how you doing. we have no fatalities in this broad. as far as the rer as the rest their been none made. police are hoping they look at the surveillance video to track down who did as far as descriptions of the suspect even though the talk of multiple witnesses at this point no descriptions have been released. some people are looking at a walk by. this will continue to be shut down until this thing is all clear. back to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4